Let's Heat Things Up! How To Get Your Outdoor Space Summer-Ready

Thu, Jul 19, 2018 by Lynsey H.

You may be ready for the sunnier days and warmer nights that summer has in store. But just how ready is your outdoor space?

Let's Heat Things Up! How To Get Your Outdoor Space Summer-Ready

You may be ready for the sunnier days and warmer nights that summer has in store. But just how ready is your outdoor space?

With spring starting to heat up, now is the best time to give your high-end outdoor furniture some well-needed love. Here a couple tips to make sure your outdoor space is all too ready for cocktails, friends, and family once summer hits.

A Little [More] Conversation: Rearrange Your Furniture
Outdoor furniture is meant to be centered around conversation. This means not only do you need to be sure you have enough seating for your summer get-togethers but also that it’s best for your furniture to be naturally facing each other.

For instance, it’s best if your guests are able to easily see and hear one another. If a guest needs to pivot in order to be seen or heard, you may want to rearrange your furniture.

Another thing you want to be on the lookout for is when your outdoor furniture is too aged. Consumers expect an approximate six-year lifespan when it comes to choosing outdoor furniture, according to a report by Casual Living.

Before assuming your outdoor furniture is ready for Girls’ Night, be sure to give your furniture a proper seating test to make sure it’s all good for another season of summer fun.

Light Up The Night (Literally)
The best and perhaps the easiest way to get your outdoor space ready for summer entertaining is to use the right kind of lighting. String lights and mason jar lights work great for smaller patios and seating areas because they give off a warm and inviting glow.

Another great idea is to use solar panel lights. Not only are they a wonderful look in your garden area but they also provide an eco-friendly way to keep the party going well after the sun goes down.

Finally, make sure your fire pit is properly cleaned and ready to go. You’ll want to be sure there’s enough space around the pit to create a safe barrier and for everyone to enjoy the summertime glow.

Design Kollective has the high-end outdoor furniture San Diego needs to get summer-ready. For more information on available indoor furniture, living room furniture, and area rugs in Orange County, contact Design Kollective today.

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