The Boutique Furniture Store: A Treasure Chest of Style

Mon, Apr 29, 2019 by Lynsey H.

Walking into furniture stores is always fun. Everything is set up so beautifully and the arrangements just seemed to flow effortlessly. But what if you’re looking for something a little different from the choices you can find in big chain furniture stores? Your interior designer will tell you: if you’re looking for a new twist on style, try a boutique furniture store. Here are three sensational examples of treasures you can find there.

The Boutique Furniture Store: A Treasure Chest of Style

**1. Area Rugs **

When you’re looking for the perfect finishing touch to your room, look no further than an affordable, attractive area rug. Placed under your coffee table or adjacent to your dining room furniture, it will make your room look finished and warm. Whatever the style, luxurious, shag, braided, or any other, your home will benefit from adding an area rug to its design. And the prices in a boutique furniture store are very appealing!

**2. Lighting Fixtures and Lamps **

The main thing to remember here is that you do not want your lamps and lighting fixtures to look cookie-cutter. Quite often, designers will pair up a selection of lamps and fixtures that are complementary but not from a matching set, just to add interest and dimension to your room. A boutique furniture store is a great place to find such an assortment, and these fixtures and lamps can work with your bedroom furniture or any other furniture in your home, too.

**3. Vintage Decor **

Nothing adds a more personal touch to a room than an accessory in the vintage style. And it is true, U.S. consumers love vintage styles and vintage furniture. A survey in Furniture Today found that vintage pieces were preferred by 57% of Americans. In a boutique furniture store, you will be in heaven! You may happen upon an ornate mirror, a dainty writing desk, or even a unique, three-legged nightstand. A vintage piece adds character to any room and is definitely a conversation starter.

When you are shopping in a boutique furniture store, you will find treasures that range from quirky to contemporary. The price range on furniture and accessories will be interesting, and you may even be able to negotiate with the owner, too. Considering these three tips for shopping in a boutique furniture store will give you a good idea of the variety offered there. This will help you find items that fit home nicely and reflect your personality, your taste, and your preferences.

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