Decorating Your Patio With Outdoor Furniture? Don't Make These Common Mistakes

Thu, Sep 6, 2018 by Lynsey H.

The U.S. furniture market is led by domestic organizations; nine out of the top 10 furniture retailers are American companies. And though it may not seem like it, outdoor furniture in San Diego is becoming increasingly popular as homeowners rearrange their dwellings to include more natural elements and seating options for outdoor occasions.

Decorating Your Patio With Outdoor Furniture? Don't Make These Common Mistakes

If you’ve recently purchased outdoor furniture in San Diego for use on your deck or patio, there are a number of mistakes that can impact the finished look if you’re not careful. Without further ado, here are just a few mistakes to avoid when decorating your deck or patio with high-end outdoor furniture.

Not incorporating a centralized seating area

According to a Furniture Today survey from 2016, 37% of respondents with outdoor space at their homes would purchase “chat group furniture” – or furniture of four or more chairs placed around a central table or fire pit. While it isn’t an absolute necessity, having a centralized area is often what gives a group of people incentive to go outside and enjoy the deck or patio in the first place. Otherwise, people may be sitting at awkwardly long distances that aren’t conducive to making good conversation, and you’re likely to return back inside after a few awkward minutes. Whether you focus your seating around a firepit, a table, or another visual element, it’s important to have a practical seating arrangement.

Using indoor elements in your outdoor space.

A 2016 Home Decorating Survey conducted by Furniture Today found that the living room is the number one room U.S. consumers choose to redecorate, and it may seem practical to relocate your old living room couch to the outdoors upon upgrading to a new one. We understand the appeal – really, we do – but it’s not such a great idea. Indoor furniture isn’t typically meant for outdoor use, and when the elements hit, it likely won’t last long. Keep the indoor furniture where it belongs – indoors – and relocate that old sofa to the basement or guest room instead.

Ultimately, avoiding these major mistakes can help you create a soothing and ambient patio or deck space outside your home. For more information about dining room and living room furniture, contact Design Kollective.

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